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Visualization (monitoring and diagnosis) of production sites

The idea of smart factory is leading to a new era of manufacturing, in which data and information can be shared between production sites and offices. Our products enable visualization (monitoring and diagnosis) and sharing of various data and information, including the operating condition of each process, present situation of production sites, and data from sensors.

Our products solve your issues.

Production site where processes are visible (monitored and diagnosed) with network connection

  • Visualizing production status

  • I want to record images when a system is down.

  • Visualizing production status

  • Checking images using an HMI (GOT)
    The network camera interface module enables the production site to be monitored remotely using an on-site HMI (GOT).
  • Downtime prevention
    When a trouble is detected, the network camera interface module enables recording images before and after the trouble for the trouble analysis.
  • ANDON system
    The RFID interface "visualizes" the production status and quality of all processes.