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Introduction of small-scale IoT to reform production sites

We provide products to be connected to industrial networks, which is necessary to rapidly-advancing introduction of IoT in factories.
We support introduction of IoT in factories by providing methods to use networks to visualize data and images and to link devices and machines, and providing contracted development of network devices.

Our products solve your issues.

Production site where sensors, switches, CNC, and other devices are all connected

  • Wire saving by connecting devices to a network

  • Integrating data from devices by connecting the devices to a network

  • Connecting non-Mitsubishi devices through a network

  • Wire saving with network connection
    The network interface module allows easy network connection from the inside of the control panel to a device and relay box.
  • Small-scale IoT
    The network interface module collects data from a digital signal converter (terminal module) and an analog signal converter, enabling small-scale IoT.
  • Open network connection
    The FL-net interface module allows to connect non-Mitsubishi PLCs, computerized numerical controllers (CNC), personal computers, and other devices.

Production site where processes are visible (monitored and diagnosed) with network connection

  • Visualizing production status

  • I want to record images when a system is down.

  • Visualizing production status

  • Checking images using an HMI (GOT)
    The network camera interface module enables the production site to be monitored remotely using an on-site HMI (GOT).
  • Downtime prevention
    When a trouble is detected, the network camera interface module enables recording images before and after the trouble for the trouble analysis.
  • ANDON system
    The RFID interface "visualizes" the production status and quality of all processes.

Production site where hydraulic control is easily performed with SSCNET connection

  • Using different programs for servo motors and hydraulic cylinders is troublesome.

  • Introducing a coexisting system of servo motors and hydraulic cylinders

  • I want high-precision hydraulic control.

  • Same program for all hydraulic cylinder operations
    The same program can be applied to positioning of a hydraulic cylinder and operation of a servo motor.
  • Hybrid drive
    The hydraulic cylinder and the servo motor can be operated synchronically.
  • Compatible position sensors
    An analog input module, a pulse encoder, a Mitsubishi Electric serial encoder, and an SSI encoder can be used as a position sensor.