iconTime and wire saving devices

Easy wiring for innovative solutions

Our products can offer innovative solutions by reducing wiring work for Mitsubishi Electric programmable controllers, servo systems, and HMIs (GOTs). Our products are also available for non-Mitsubishi PLCs.

Our products solve your issues.

Innovative solutions by reducing the wiring work

  • Taking wiring time due to complicated wiring works

  • Taking time to check wiring

  • Maintenance takes time due to retightening of screws and similar.

  • Easy push-in connection
    • Reducing wiring work by using push-in connection compared to the screw type (No need for technical skills such as handling a screwdriver or tightening the screws)
    • No need for retightening work at delivery or inspection of a panel or devices
    • Elimination of risks arising from screw-loosening due to vibration or long-term use
  • Easy connection with a dedicated cable
    Using dedicated cables reduces cost and time for prior check of pin layout and wiring. Labor-saving leads to innovative solutions.

Different use depending on the application in a variety of lineups

  • Smaller enclosure size

  • Reducing wiring inside the control panel to save space and costs.

  • Saving space in the control panel by optimized system configuration

  • Lineup depending on the connected devices
  • Optimized configuration with a base unit
    An optimal system can be configured with a single programmable controller module by freely selecting the module suitable for the device.

Implementing "easily collecting device information" and "wiring saving" by connecting a network

  • I want to centrally monitor information from various sensors.

  • Incorporating small-scale IoT rather than large-scale IoT

  • Maintenance and management
    Information of sensors (such as thermal, flow, and pressure) and electromagnetic switches can be easily visualized.
  • Data Collection
    Simply connect the analog-to-digital signal converter to CC-Link family networks to collect device information in bulk.
  • Production site
    Wiring and maintenance time can be reduced because of using a single Ethernet cable.