Digital Signal Converters (Terminal Modules)

Visualization of device information by connecting and configuring systems using different digital signals

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    Dedicated cable for "device optimization" and "wire saving"
    Network interface module for "device optimization" and "wire saving"

System optimization and wire saving

Since modules can be individually specified, systems can be configured with a minimum number of points. In addition, the number of connectable programmable controllers is optimized and wiring work can be reduced by using the dedicated cable.

Input type

(Example) Configuration of the following three modules: 100-VAC input 8-point module, 200-VAC input 4-point module, and 24-VDC input 4-point module

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Output type

(Example) Configuration of the following three modules: relay output 16-point module, triac output 8-point module, and transistor output 8-point module.

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Converting signals into digital signals that can be handled by the connected device

By using a digital signal converter (terminal module), only 24VDC modules are required on the programmable controller side and signals output from the programmable controller can be converted into signals that can be handled by the connected device.
The number of spare products can be reduced as well.

Input type


Output type

Model list

Optimized module configuration

16-point spring clamp terminal type of digital signal converters (terminal module)
Model list

Distributed installation to meet the system needs

Connection with the programmable controller using dedicated cable
Dedicated cables can be used to connect the input/output modules of the programmable controller system and the digital signal converters.
I/O numbers are automatically assigned according to the order in which digital signal converters are connected to the programmable controller.
Distributed installation using network connection cables
Distributed installation of digital signal converters (terminal modules) connected over CC-Link IE TSN, CC-Link IE Field, CC-Link IE Field Basic, CC-Link, SLMP (standard Ethernet), or MODBUS/TCP is possible using network interface modules.

Selection of the control method per point

The control method can be selected and mixed per point using module type.

Easy startup and maintenance

LED indication

The LED indication (red) helps identify whether input signals are on or off. Additionally, modules can be distinguished by marking strip color, model name, or module color.

  • Slim module
  • Functional module
    Marking strip
    • The module has a marking strip on the front.
    • Input signals can be distinguished by the marking strip color and markings.
    • Information can be written in the free space on the marking strip for easy management.

Module replacement

If a module fails or reaches the end of its service life, the module can be replaced using the supplied tool or without tools.

  • Slim module
  • Functional module

Continuity check using a tester port

The time required for continuity check can be reduced because the spring clamp terminal type product has a tester port.

Shared common

Two sets of common terminals per input signal allows for common terminals to be shared.
[Example] Wiring when sharing the common terminals Y0 to Y3 in output digital signal converter.

Digital signal converters (terminal modules) - Selection utilizing module selectable type installation base unit

A digital signal converter (terminal module) enables devices with different voltage loads to be connected with the most suitable devices individually.
A spring clamp terminal block contributes to easy wiring, stable connection, and less maintenance.

Selecting products for a 32-point connector module

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Selection point:
Cables do not need to be terminated or wired individually because cables have already been connected to the spring clamp terminal block.
This reduces the wiring work by 99%.
In addition, cables are pushed into terminals of a spring clamp terminal block without tightening screws. This helps to reduce the time required for maintenance.

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Model list

Digital signal converters (terminal modules) for input signals
Digital signal converters (terminal modules) for output signals
Modules (for replacement/mixing)
Module extraction tools
Short-circuit bars
Connection cables
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Precautions for use

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