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Upgrading system leading to smart factory

As operation in production lines must be stable, devices in the system should be replaced as required. During replacement, a production line is stopped, resulting in production stop. Replacement should be performed in as short time as possible. Our products can minimize production line downtime.

Our products solve your issues.

Easy replacement with the newest programmable controller

  • Minimizing the production line downtime

  • Reducing wiring errors

  • Achieving smart factory (e-F@ctory) by replacing your programmable controller

  • Before
    The existing programmable controller can be replaced easily by using upgrade tool products.
  • After
    Wiring with conversion adapters requires only two steps to disconnect the existing programmable controller and install a new programmable controller. Disconnecting and wiring all the cables, modifying cables, and checking wiring are not required.
  • Replaceable combinations
    The time required to upgrade to the latest programmable controllers can be greatly reduced.

Replacing devices in servo system separately

  • Minimizing the production line downtime

  • Dividing the cost and resuming the operation after replacement smoothly

The Motion controllers or servo amplifiers/motors can be replaced separately. Machine downtime is less than that when all devices are replaced all at once, and the cost can be divided.